The IRC Drama Llama paied me a visit, part 3

So I realized that one of Nenolod’s plans for Atheme was to try and tightly integrate services into Charybdis (an ircd based off ircd-hybrid). Now InspIRCd has partially completed this in InspIRCd 2.1 but it’s incomplete and very beta. My thought is that I can eliminate this IRC Services Drama by Deprecating IRC Services all together.

If I can develop the modules and commands to integrate Services into InspIRCd 2.1 then I remove Anope AND Atheme and not need to worry about either. They can fight and bicker and I can watch with enjoyment. This will require a LOT of core rework in terms of how things like SASL is handled and how IRC Services work in general.
(But I am very excited to run InspIRCd 2.1 and develop the services for it as well)

Now, Network. I’ve been meaning to get to this and I have just been rambling about services for quite some time.
The network has been going UP and down and up and down in the last few months. After I decided SparqDev and Flux-Net should merge, mainly because SparqDev had enough web knowledge to make pretty HTML 5 web front-ends and because I wanted more people who understood what I do, things have gone down hill. Jk and I have fought more in the last few months than ever, mostly because I dislike how Jk’s first decision when something breaks is that we should restore it to the old way than try the new way and make it work (he did this with services, the switch from UnrealIRCd to InspIRCd, NameServers, and much more) or that he lacks in communication when it is needed. I admire that he is a great Server Admin and that he knows WAY more than I ever will in the phone market, but I don’t see him put out much more than a blog post every few months.

Now Tyler Strayhan (one of the people I brought from SparqDev) has been working mostly with me and the rest of SparqDev. He’s been helping manage the site design and my picky opinion and Cameron (who was the SparqDev leader) who’s left the group at this point because he couldn’t handle the stress of the move. I give a lot of respect for Tyler, but I know a LOT of my judgment is clouded when it comes to decision making with him seeing as I am sexually attracted to him, now I understand why people say don’t date your co-workers (not that I am nor ever will be dating him, but I will do almost anything for him). Tyler has a huge imagination though, and can sometimes loose sight of reality. He hasn’t been on IRC for long and I am trying to teach him the ways of IRC and how people in IRC should be handled but he assimilates them to skype and social networks a lot which causes problems. Him and Cameron also are not used to this being an IRC Network, not some kind of programming business. Yes, we can make money; No we cannot employ people!

Moving on to Cameron.
Cameron has been a bit of a pain the whole way and he really pissed me off when he said he was leaving after Tyler and I bent over backwards to make this whole merger work, which includes taking the double z out of Azuru (used to be Azzuru) which both me and Tyler liked better, deciding on a logo for our site, and much more and Cameron just decides that he doesn’t want to participate anymore. Now I had planned on losing Hyp and MunyMuny200 (both SparqDev members, I only ever really liked Cam and Tyler, Hyp was never around and Muny was just plain stupid) but I ran the risk of losing Cam, which I didn’t want. When Cam was apart of the merge, I was trying my best, even holding back my opinions on things and trying to be less picky (I get VERY picky) so he would stay, but instead he just leaves.

Because Cameron left, I wasn’t and still aren’t happy with him. I got into a twitter fight a few days back because he just decided that after screwing everything up he can leave, then thinks that I can’t be upset with him and that he gets a nice warm spot reserved for him when he comes back? I’m sorry, but even I have life problems and this whole merge has been a massive pain in my ass (there were days where I felt like such a failure in life in general that I contemplated suicide) and do you see me leaving? no. I hate sounding like an ass, but the Internet is brutal and to survive here you have to learn how it works, you can’t just come in and declare some new shit then move on from there.

Now I have some kind of rulebook or etiquette I need to write so ill steep on this next post and see if I can wrap up my “post series” here. I hope this all makes sense.

To take over or to not take over NeoStats.

I have known about a project called NeoStats for quite some time, while I love coding in C/C++ I don’t like support. I can email Justin Hammond (creator of NeoStats) and see if I can get the Domain Name and adopt the project into Flux-net and continue some development on it OR I can let it sit and die..

Now you’re probably thinking “wtf is neostats” and “ADOPT IT!” and here is my dilemma:
NeoStats is a IRC Statistics service which logs like how many users are online and what they’re doing and how much traffic is going in and out of the servers. If I adopt NeoStats and start the project back up, I would be the ONLY developer with a massive user support base; this would crush me and cause neostats to get a possible bad reputation. If I don’t adopt the project, then there’s the chance someone else could and i would miss the opportunity to take over a big project along with making Flux-Net popular.

I need peoples opinions and most of all, I NEED DEVELOPERS!

heh I reinstated myself as developer again, because the tards in my network suck.

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