To take over or to not take over NeoStats.

I have known about a project called NeoStats for quite some time, while I love coding in C/C++ I don’t like support. I can email Justin Hammond (creator of NeoStats) and see if I can get the Domain Name and adopt the project into Flux-net and continue some development on it OR I can let it sit and die..

Now you’re probably thinking “wtf is neostats” and “ADOPT IT!” and here is my dilemma:
NeoStats is a IRC Statistics service which logs like how many users are online and what they’re doing and how much traffic is going in and out of the servers. If I adopt NeoStats and start the project back up, I would be the ONLY developer with a massive user support base; this would crush me and cause neostats to get a possible bad reputation. If I don’t adopt the project, then there’s the chance someone else could and i would miss the opportunity to take over a big project along with making Flux-Net popular.

I need peoples opinions and most of all, I NEED DEVELOPERS!