Well, I haven’t had too much time to type out a full blog post but it seems I have found a few hours to do this post!

At the beginning of this month (September) I ended my High School life to go get my G.E.D. in hopes to just be done with school and move on with life. I started G.E.D. preparation school and fought my old school district who decided they would put two invalid fines on me for locker locks, not surprising. -_-
In the second week of this school, one of my dads old co-workers/employees called him up and asked if I was able to possibly come down for an interview. Now note that I just turned 18, just got some small money, and JUST left High School and don’t even have my G.E.D.

Well I go down to Portland, OR. for the interview at a small start-up called Parent Child Interactive Online where I learned that they wanted to provide a secure way for a parent, government worker, or teacher to talk with thousands of psychologists and therapists from around the world in hopes to improve their child’s lives and living environment. I could tell from the initial interview that I was already hired but I didn’t want to blow it, towards the end I ended up with a part-time job there but I didn’t know my role.
The following week after that, they let me stay home and finish G.E.D. schooling so I could be eligible for the test; I finished school and found out my test was on October 2nd.

I went for a full week of working there and painstakingly learning how their environment works in the office. I learned the downtown Portland area and found out that voodoo donuts are not that great (my boss calls them evil pink boxes XD)
I have not done too much as I am still a “trainee” but I try my best to help out and understand how stuff works.. Overall I am excited to work there and hope to make a very productive effort for the company!

Moving on to more personal matters, I got a boyfriend whom I will not disclose his name but I will disclose his tumblr! (see link on the right)
He is beautiful and perfect for me, he treats me like I have wanted to be treated for a long time and honestly I don’t think I would be real happy to get up for work every day and go through this shit if I didn’t have him there to talk it over with <3
We unfortunately live like 10 miles apart so meeting up isn’t the easiest in the world but we’re trying our best!

Finally, IRC.
I have neglected most of IRC, Services has blown up and I have to put a lot of time into fixing that, I have lost contact with good IRC friends and developers and last but not least, found out died.’s death really made me disappointed because it said that nenolod didn’t give two shits about it. Nenolod and atheme remind me of something similar to McDonalds. Everyone goes to McDonalds at least once and you see them everywhere, but if you hate them because their food is total shit quality and they make you barf, your friends suddenly start hating you because you won’t eat there with them. McDonalds also competes with everyone and because they seem to be the biggest, they make smaller businesses look smaller and thus makes the smaller businesses go away (I am using McDonalds as an example, not that they actually do any of this).
To put it simple, Atheme has become so large that they can not care about shit. I am disappointed that IRC software now almost has a brand name on it like everything else in the world, and the software that is used is so generified you can find it anywhere.
I will say that I do not what so ever think that Atheme Services or the Atheme IRCd is shit, it is in fact a very powerful package and a very successful one at that but I will say that I do not support their development team at all.
The developers seem to care more about making atheme services bigger and squashing anyone who has any good idea and doesn’t want it under Atheme’s name.

For a long time I have used Anope and InspIRCd, two pieces of software I feel are not nenolod infested and powered by insane developers. I honestly don’t care to develop for IRC anymore, I would like to move to a better topic of interest since Atheme wants to make an Empire out of IRC and not a friendly chat environment.
As for, I am not using any of whatever shit nenolod or those kids who now use’s domain name. I will try to get ANT up and working properly (a software which nenolod and atheme hate because it’s written in C++ and designed to only be supported on open source POSIX systems plus it’s core is based on InspIRCd and Anope) and then use that from there-on.
The stuff that people sound like they’re replacing CIA with sounds like a bunch of scripts that someone sets up in their repo; I find this disappointing because the original point of CIA was to take the complexity out of development, admitted most developers can setup and do IT related tasks but most don’t want to. CIA was an easy way to get information to IRC for discussion, and fast, while allowing it to be integrated into other services such as web.

I have lots planned for ANT and I hope I can find some more time to work on it and get it going with a web page and possibly bring back the CIA experience. I explicitly said that there will be no group names in ANT’s development anymore (including Azuru) and the only credits are to the developers themselves. This is to hopefully prevent that nasty Atheme-like crap from being branded on my software.
When I get my first pay check I will be buying and then try to get a working shell.

But for now, I shall enjoy life, hope to finish ANT, hope to leave the IRC scene as I watch it fall into the clutches of the Atheme Empire, make bank from my job, and work on porting something called sysmond for fun!

Byte Sizes!

So today I wanted to start experimenting with bit flags which rely on how large the different C/C++ integer types are. I couldn’t seem to find an accurate website that told me the sizes so I decided to make a program!

I Wanted to make a function which could both get the size of the integer type and also print it as a text string, something like PrintTypeSize(int) so I figured I would need a preprocessor macro for this one.

After about 30 minutes of experimenting I managed to make this macro:

#define PrintTypeSize(X) \
         printf(“Size of %-19s %d byte%c, %d bits\n”, #X, sizeof(X), sizeof(X) == 1 ? ‘\0’ : ‘s’, sizeof(X) * 8);

this nifty macro both gets the size of the integer type in bytes but also in bits and only takes one argument! Perfect! 

So lets test it!

Size of short int              2 bytes, 16 bits
Size of int                      4 bytes, 32 bits
Size of long int                4 bytes, 32 bits
Size of bool                    1 byte, 8 bits
Size of char                    1 byte, 8 bits
Size of unsigned char       1 byte, 8 bits
Size of float                    4 bytes, 32 bits
Size of double                 8 bytes, 64 bits
Size of long double           12 bytes, 96 bits
Size of unsigned long long  8 bytes, 64 bits

Awesome!! Now I can figure out which type I would like to use for bitflags and how large some of the integer types really are >_>
You can find the full source here.
Compile with: g++ -Wall source.cpp 


justasic@ubuntu:~/Desktop/Navn/ANT/libraries/gcc-4.8-20120819$ g++ —version
g++ (GCC) 4.8.0 20120819 (experimental)
Copyright (C) 2012 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is NO

Took forever but I finally got GCC compiled! Now to move on with life!

Why I hate C programmers

C is a great language, I won’t lie, it’s faster than C++ in many ways, but I am a C++ programmer and I will probably be one for a very long time.
Recently a guy named nenolod has been interacting with me in different ways, he is a very strong and smart C programmer but he rags on C++ because of how “slow, bulky and ugly” it is. This is really one of the reasons why I hate the whole Atheme project, they criticize EVERYTHING around them that isn’t to their specifications. If it’s not a programming language then it’s the kinds of services you use or the IRCd you use, or even which fucking linux distro you use!

Today I was talking in #inspircd on ChatSpike and someone said they were going to learn C++, well here came nenolod, trotting along to ruin the day by spewing his propaganda about C and libmowgli (his library he wrote). To be quite honest, I made my projects in C++ because there’s a preexisting library which I can make use of and is relatively standard whereas C has a very minimal library (I am talking stuff like you can print to stdout and that’s it basically), I don’t need to make all the algorithms for my code, I don’t want to use someone elses crap library, I don’t want to have a bulky program because I have to write all these algorithms or use someone else’s library! (you can read logs at

I learned C++ as my first and primary language (ASM preceded that) mostly because that’s what was hot at the time of when I was a child, my whole dream was to learn C++ and now that I have learned it I am not going to drop it for someone’s shitty opinion. I learned that nenolod and Atheme do not really like anything that goes on in the computing market, good for them. They don’t need to push their damn opinion on other people. Now I know why Anope was created, why nenolod hates Anope and why Adam hates nenolod. I don’t plan on helping or porting ANYTHINGto Atheme for this very reason, someone else want’s to do it? go right the fuck ahead!

The 2nd reason I like C++ over C is that C doesn’t have much of a way of “binding” data together like C++ classes do, maybe structs but at that point, just use C++!
My project I call ANT (a replacement) is one I wrote in C++, if it were to be in C, I would have to write all the god forsaken algorithms to handle the stuff that the STL handles on it’s own (things like std::map and std::vector) along with I would have to handle wide char types in C instead of std::string in C++ (which seems to handle unicode just fine).

I may sound like a dumbass by saying all this, but honestly I could care less about your damn opinion. Learn the language you like, not the one everyone tells you to. Don’t spread your language around like it’s better than everything else, no language is better than the other, some languages just have differences.
And nenolod, just shut the fuck up. You’ve made it to the top of the list with your shit, no need to stomp on everyone else for it.
(oh btw, I specifically made ANT in C++ just to spite all the C programmers who brag so highly about their damn language, also I made it in C++ because nenolod was going to rebase CIA in a even worse language, JavaScript using some weird fuck form of node.js)

Math Cheats for windows!

I compiled a binary for windows, I plan on adding Quartile and Interquartile Range calculations along with the quartile chart/graph in ascii art which then makes my homework for a while SUPER easy.

You can find the binary and source in my previous post here.

Math Cheats!

Well my math teacher decided it was review day for finding the Mean, Median, Mode and range. Now I have already learned how to do this back in 5th grade so I was rather bored by the class, so instead of doing the homework (which was super easy) I decided that writing a 175 line long program to make those calculations for me was easier and more fun.

you can find the source here and the EXE here.


Well after recently finding out what my friend and teacher has been doing, I am quite upset at the matter. He’s formed his own group instead of assisting Flux-Net in its development track, I understand that he wanted help with his C# projects but I honestly think C# is a waste of time if its only ever used in Microsoft .NET framework.
He was once the one who lead the group when I could not, he then turned over network leadership and direction to me after I showed I could host and maintain the servers and their software counterparts. Later on he started the development of Navn which I have now taken over as full time developer. My frustration is that he has managed to form his own network and about to buy a domain name for it. Flux-Net has struggled with money since the beginning, renewing the domain every year or so is still a challenge even though it’s just 5 dollars.

The money, the lack of leadership, and the lack of participation in the network isn’t what frustrates me the most, what frustrates me is that he has his own team of developers willing to work on whatever project they have and that he has formed his own network, he calls me young and immature at times when half the time he didn’t even know how certain things worked. His primary language I would consider C# instead of C++ even though he taught me C++ when Navn started. He later dropped Navn when it began to become more C++ like and less C like.

While Flux-Net is a far cry compared to other networks, I would still like to keep it going but lately I have been feeling that the actions I am doing is causing the network to slowly collapse on its self. This once great network of daemons and scripts linked together is seemingly harder to maintain than it used to be. We now have a full time Minecraft server, website with complete blog and wiki, git and svn repositories, countless small and large development projects, IRC, and much more. Maintaining these services is starting to put stress on my life, along with School and stress on what path I want to go down education wise.

At this point the 2 things that can make me happy is if someone who is advanced as I am and has the determination like I do can take over the leadership of the network and a development team to finish up some of the stagnate projects we have and fix the bugs in the non-stagnate ones while I finish up these issues and developments in life and let things calm down. I hope to soon bring money into the network when I get a job, but as of typing this I have no idea where I can work at without a car (stupid grades). Physically at the time of writing this, I either have so much stress that my whole throat and neck hurt or I am just sick.. I can’t tell the difference anymore..

So I was doing my Video Game Programming homework..

And its in C++ (I bet we know where this is going), after a few hours finding Borland free command line tools out on the internet (which was surprisingly hard) I installed the editor my school uses (ProjectFUN) and my teacher asked me to “make a mod for your game”. Well the mod is proving to be mildly hard since most of the ProjectFUN code is actually C code, and some of its functions are retardedly coded.. (who does Trace4() and that means the console output takes 4 args with a message, the biggest trace you can do is 9 args, my traces? 384719469816 args! fuck yeah custom functions!) As for the game its self, I figured out the RandInt() function that comes with ProjectFUN is actually broken.. which I laughed at.. ended up making my own.. I guess I’ll be writing my own small library this semester XD

I already know that with the code I have now my teacher will be flabbergasted at my skill.. I imported my value_cast function I made a few months ago and uses it, she reviews the code so she’s probably going to be clueless as to what it does and how it works.. I did my best to explain it but I doubt I can explain that haha

I have also been trying to stick to C++ style casting instead of C-style casting since its a bad habit and (from what I read) just runs through all casting operators instead of the one you need, which is rather inefficient. So I know my teacher is going to be wondering what that’s all about.. seeing static_cast everywhere wondering what I am doing with it.

This is going to be a fun semester XD

To take over or to not take over NeoStats.

I have known about a project called NeoStats for quite some time, while I love coding in C/C++ I don’t like support. I can email Justin Hammond (creator of NeoStats) and see if I can get the Domain Name and adopt the project into Flux-net and continue some development on it OR I can let it sit and die..

Now you’re probably thinking “wtf is neostats” and “ADOPT IT!” and here is my dilemma:
NeoStats is a IRC Statistics service which logs like how many users are online and what they’re doing and how much traffic is going in and out of the servers. If I adopt NeoStats and start the project back up, I would be the ONLY developer with a massive user support base; this would crush me and cause neostats to get a possible bad reputation. If I don’t adopt the project, then there’s the chance someone else could and i would miss the opportunity to take over a big project along with making Flux-Net popular.

I need peoples opinions and most of all, I NEED DEVELOPERS!