Why I hate C programmers

C is a great language, I won’t lie, it’s faster than C++ in many ways, but I am a C++ programmer and I will probably be one for a very long time.
Recently a guy named nenolod has been interacting with me in different ways, he is a very strong and smart C programmer but he rags on C++ because of how “slow, bulky and ugly” it is. This is really one of the reasons why I hate the whole Atheme project, they criticize EVERYTHING around them that isn’t to their specifications. If it’s not a programming language then it’s the kinds of services you use or the IRCd you use, or even which fucking linux distro you use!

Today I was talking in #inspircd on ChatSpike and someone said they were going to learn C++, well here came nenolod, trotting along to ruin the day by spewing his propaganda about C and libmowgli (his library he wrote). To be quite honest, I made my projects in C++ because there’s a preexisting library which I can make use of and is relatively standard whereas C has a very minimal library (I am talking stuff like you can print to stdout and that’s it basically), I don’t need to make all the algorithms for my code, I don’t want to use someone elses crap library, I don’t want to have a bulky program because I have to write all these algorithms or use someone else’s library! (you can read logs at http://dpaste.com/742983/)

I learned C++ as my first and primary language (ASM preceded that) mostly because that’s what was hot at the time of when I was a child, my whole dream was to learn C++ and now that I have learned it I am not going to drop it for someone’s shitty opinion. I learned that nenolod and Atheme do not really like anything that goes on in the computing market, good for them. They don’t need to push their damn opinion on other people. Now I know why Anope was created, why nenolod hates Anope and why Adam hates nenolod. I don’t plan on helping or porting ANYTHINGto Atheme for this very reason, someone else want’s to do it? go right the fuck ahead!

The 2nd reason I like C++ over C is that C doesn’t have much of a way of “binding” data together like C++ classes do, maybe structs but at that point, just use C++!
My project I call ANT (a CIA.vc replacement) is one I wrote in C++, if it were to be in C, I would have to write all the god forsaken algorithms to handle the stuff that the STL handles on it’s own (things like std::map and std::vector) along with I would have to handle wide char types in C instead of std::string in C++ (which seems to handle unicode just fine).

I may sound like a dumbass by saying all this, but honestly I could care less about your damn opinion. Learn the language you like, not the one everyone tells you to. Don’t spread your language around like it’s better than everything else, no language is better than the other, some languages just have differences.
And nenolod, just shut the fuck up. You’ve made it to the top of the list with your shit, no need to stomp on everyone else for it.
(oh btw, I specifically made ANT in C++ just to spite all the C programmers who brag so highly about their damn language, also I made it in C++ because nenolod was going to rebase CIA in a even worse language, JavaScript using some weird fuck form of node.js)