Math Cheats for windows!

I compiled a binary for windows, I plan on adding Quartile and Interquartile Range calculations along with the quartile chart/graph in ascii art which then makes my homework for a while SUPER easy.

You can find the binary and source in my previous post here.

So I was doing my Video Game Programming homework..

And its in C++ (I bet we know where this is going), after a few hours finding Borland free command line tools out on the internet (which was surprisingly hard) I installed the editor my school uses (ProjectFUN) and my teacher asked me to “make a mod for your game”. Well the mod is proving to be mildly hard since most of the ProjectFUN code is actually C code, and some of its functions are retardedly coded.. (who does Trace4() and that means the console output takes 4 args with a message, the biggest trace you can do is 9 args, my traces? 384719469816 args! fuck yeah custom functions!) As for the game its self, I figured out the RandInt() function that comes with ProjectFUN is actually broken.. which I laughed at.. ended up making my own.. I guess I’ll be writing my own small library this semester XD

I already know that with the code I have now my teacher will be flabbergasted at my skill.. I imported my value_cast function I made a few months ago and uses it, she reviews the code so she’s probably going to be clueless as to what it does and how it works.. I did my best to explain it but I doubt I can explain that haha

I have also been trying to stick to C++ style casting instead of C-style casting since its a bad habit and (from what I read) just runs through all casting operators instead of the one you need, which is rather inefficient. So I know my teacher is going to be wondering what that’s all about.. seeing static_cast everywhere wondering what I am doing with it.

This is going to be a fun semester XD

To take over or to not take over NeoStats.

I have known about a project called NeoStats for quite some time, while I love coding in C/C++ I don’t like support. I can email Justin Hammond (creator of NeoStats) and see if I can get the Domain Name and adopt the project into Flux-net and continue some development on it OR I can let it sit and die..

Now you’re probably thinking “wtf is neostats” and “ADOPT IT!” and here is my dilemma:
NeoStats is a IRC Statistics service which logs like how many users are online and what they’re doing and how much traffic is going in and out of the servers. If I adopt NeoStats and start the project back up, I would be the ONLY developer with a massive user support base; this would crush me and cause neostats to get a possible bad reputation. If I don’t adopt the project, then there’s the chance someone else could and i would miss the opportunity to take over a big project along with making Flux-Net popular.

I need peoples opinions and most of all, I NEED DEVELOPERS!