To take over or to not take over NeoStats.

I have known about a project called NeoStats for quite some time, while I love coding in C/C++ I don’t like support. I can email Justin Hammond (creator of NeoStats) and see if I can get the Domain Name and adopt the project into Flux-net and continue some development on it OR I can let it sit and die..

Now you’re probably thinking “wtf is neostats” and “ADOPT IT!” and here is my dilemma:
NeoStats is a IRC Statistics service which logs like how many users are online and what they’re doing and how much traffic is going in and out of the servers. If I adopt NeoStats and start the project back up, I would be the ONLY developer with a massive user support base; this would crush me and cause neostats to get a possible bad reputation. If I don’t adopt the project, then there’s the chance someone else could and i would miss the opportunity to take over a big project along with making Flux-Net popular.

I need peoples opinions and most of all, I NEED DEVELOPERS!

Life as a Programmer

Well as many know, I am a C++ Programmer; Which means I understand those weird lines with funny words and symbols that look like keyboard mash. (lol)

One thing that many don’t know is how much of a pain that can be. When you say that you are a programmer in C++, people suddenly expect you to pull Call Of Duty out of your ass in a week (which is nearly impossible I might add). When you also say that you can program, people want you to start writing programs to do either extremely purposeless things or write a program for them because they’re too lazy or don’t know how to make it.

Currently I know PHP, Python, C++ (primary language), C, BASIC (I think), most web code (ie. CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc.), Perl, Terminal Languages (ie. BASH, Batch, sh, etc.), ASM (worst language ever), and some Java. (about 10 or so)

I work primarily in C++ because I hate languages that don’t compile (like PHP, Perl, Python, etc.) as they usually aren’t fast or, in some cases, safe. Now working primarily in C++ means I know the language very well, but some things I still cannot do well (such as audio decoding or video game graphics). I mostly work in IRC programming (since it is a dieing chat medium :’( ) and web programming. Most people think that programming a web site in C++ is either impossible or stupid; Which it isn’t, its actually (I hope) going to be very easy and much faster than languages such as PHP, it should also be more secure.

Now being the only good C++ programmer I know of that I can actually talk to, I have LOTS of code to write this year, last year I wrote, by my estimate, about 100,000 lines of C++ and python. This year I expect somewhere around 1 million lines of C++ code for my open source projects. Since I am that only programmer, I also expect I will have little time to make these projects and lots of stress to get it done. I can’t tell you how much I hate writing code solo without a partner to check it or take some of the load off. I am hoping to teach some of the developers at SparqDev C++ and take some of the load off the web development end of A.N.T, but that is completely up to them and what they’re doing.

As for those projects I was talking about, here is a list with my estimate of how much code will go into it (* means I have it planned but has not been created yet):

  • A.N.T - 8000 ~ 15,000 Lines of C++ (replacement service for
  • Navn - 5000 ~ 8000 Lines of C++ (IRC Bot for my network Flux-Net)
  • F-Line Daemon* - 5000 ~ 10,000 lines Lines of C++ (Similar to an IRC Z-Line, or IP address Ban, except it is a daemon loaded into the networks firewall, allowing for the firewall to handle the ban instead of the IRC Daemon)
  • reStructuredText format for C++* - Lines unknown, C++ (Similar to docutils for Python except for C++)
  • IRC web interface* - Lines Unknown, C++? (Replacement of Mibbit web chat)

Now these might seem like easy projects or something easy, but when you’re coding all these by yourself its actually an overwhelming amount of programming to do, and some of these projects have an extremely huge amount of code that must be written which is not easy when you have life, school, friends, parents, body issues (lol), and annoying people all wanting you attention as well.

Now, why did I write this?
Because I want people to understand what I do on my free time, why I am always busy, why I don’t reply to texts, why I don’t reply to Instant Message requests/chats, why I don’t reply to texts, and why I am currently (sadly) failing High School. I just simply don’t have enough time to take on these projects and manage life at the same time. I know some of my friends do sports and say that they are really busy and don’t go to sleep until 10 or 11 PM because of how busy their lives are. As for me, I might not look busy, but I usually am, which is why I don’t often reply and why I am failing HS. This is also why I seem shallow to guys who want to date me, and guy who I do date, I find shallow. (I can’t tell you how hard it is to find a gay guy who also likes to program :/ they are extremely rare) Anyway, I have to go fail High School now, but if you do wanna come say Hi, or see what I am up to, feel free to idle in my chat room on IRC at (if you’re annoying I probably wont talk much though).